Gishwhes 2016 (english)


Good evening!

The last week was very exciting. To be true, the week before too, because I didn’t know what to expect.
Gishwhes happened and it was my first wonderful year of madness.
“What is Gishwhes?”, you might ask.
The greatest international scavenger hunt the world has ever seen! It is one week long and Misha Collins (You know him, right? The actor who plays Castiel in Supernatural, a serie I love!) came up with this mad idea. You get a list with items, crazy, funny and kind stuff you shall do/can do. You can choose what you like to do. In this week yout try to realise as much as you can with your teammembers. And the team is big, you’re together with 14 other people, most of them I didn’t know. You communicate via Facebook or everything else you might see fit. There are prizes of course and if you want to know more you can look it up here and here

I thought about to participate for a long time, because I was extremly uncertain if I could even do one thing. I didn’t want to let my teammates down, but well… Misha was very convincing 😉 In the end it’s all about fun and yes, leaving your comfort zone, making the world better with acts of kindness and also weirdness. Nothing to be afraid of, right? 😉
But my biggest reason was my granddad. He died last month after being in a hospital for way too long. He was a funny person, with his jokes, his silly songs and he seemed to be never quite serious. I’m still searching for a way to mourn and it’s not crying at his grave. I think for me it’s celebrating life. Although it doesn’t mean that I’m not sad…

Gishwhes was amazing! I thought about it while travelling to work in the train, thought about it during work and wrote messages in my break to get things organised, thought about it on my way home, at home and even dreamt weird stuff about it. I didn’t have as much time this week as I had planned, but Gishwhes and my wonderful teammembers were every time with me. 😀
Now it’s over, we’re allowed to post our art and I’m confused because I don’t have weird stuff to think about any more!
What am I doing with my life now??? 😉

I was lucky as I could drag my dear friend Stephie with me in this and she invited another friend too. There were items you could do on your own, like this sock Monkey hat out of orphaned socks.

I’m not sure if this is right, but well… I had fun doing this and the socks have a new purpose now. I’ve so many white socks which don’t go together…. I really think that shouldn’t be possible.
I made a few other items together with Stephie. We even made a great plan!

But you know me: I try to be thoughtful and tactical but in the end it’s just a creative Chaos. 😉

We were burried in this Chaos! And had fun with our perfectionist working methods which stressesd us out a little bit. 😉
We tried to recreate a Goya painting out of candies.

I love skittles and I ate so much candy and skittles that I lay sick on the couch in the end. Although feeling sick I just wanted to eat more skittles.
Skittles are evil.

But after hours of hard, precise work and many thoughts we got this result:
Maria Teresa de Borbon y Vallabriga.
Our little alien princess together with her alien dog. We obviously love her very much. I think you’ve to be her creator to love her….
Besides that Stephie managed it to jog in pineapple shell shoes with a pineapple cap on her head.
We’ve a video of her doing this which I really have to show you! Matt helped us a lot with this one! 🙂

And she threw the trash away with a big Captain America shield, you can see the shield lying around in one of the pictures above.
We needed hours for this shield because we were unable to draw a wonderful star. In the end we realised we didn’t even have to stop drawing, it’s like a star in a pentagram. And we tried to calculate the star for hours….!!!
For the group photo we had to dress up like the country/state/city we are coming from.
Of course it’s BVB for Dortmund!!!

We were in Team Dragonfly and I got the permission to share a few beautiful artworks the other members did. I was really amazed how they could do such stuff! There were items I thought we would never be able to realise and then I saw that it wasn’t impossible!
It was so great!
So here’s a video of how to put together a disgusting mouth wash and kiss your loved one after that. She forgot the mint but I agree with her: no second time! I clearly wouldn’t be able to o this. And Laurel seems so very enthusiastic and happy to do this!!

But she also did another wonderful item: being a coupon fairy and I think this one was much more comfortable for her 😉

And just look at these beautiful pictures made by Maria with help of friends, colleagues and Hannah.

The first one is a zombie at work, which is now doing her job because it’s a much better worker than Maria is 😉 After all they don’t sleep, eat and don’t need a break. It only needs a few precautions it seems…
And here are two Jedis getting served by a Sith

And another item where you have to jog. Gishwhes is much about sport and a healthy way of life.
With the help of her husband Aileen got this picture:

As for the Charity ones: Jessica brought ice cream to the first respondents dressed as a Dessert fairy!

Not to forget Hannahs painting skills and Laurels talent to sell fresh air!

And we made a donation page for lebanese families, refugees, to help them out. You can find the Gishwhes site here and there’s already more money than Misha ever expected us to gather!
It’s amazing what you can achieve during a Hunt!

It was a pleasure and honor to hunt with such an amazing team! 🙂 Thanks for a wonderful time!
I hope next year I can hunt with the same team or another great team. But this time I know what to expect. I’ll prepare myself and I’ll take free time if it’s possible so I can do much more items!!

At the end a greeting from my two metal birds! It’s their newest album, what do you think about their cover? 😉

Have a nice evening! 🙂

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