My Dad and a train portable cozy

Hi there!

This entry is about my Dad. 🙂
And his new mobile phone bag.
Ok and about model railroads.

My Mom got a new mobile phone and after a while my Dad decided that he wanted a new one too. Because he could only write SMS with it and telephone with us.
But with the new one he can play games!!! And games are just great.
I was strongly convinced that he would need a nice mobile phone bag, but I didn’t have the money to buy one. But I had enough yarn at home to make him one and I had already an idea: a train should be on it. But a beautiful one, one, that doesn’t look like a children’s toy.
He really likes trains. Not like “Oh there’s a train, I have to take a picture of it”, but more like “I’ll build up a whole world for all my wonderful trains and will be talking about the technical details with delight.” 😉

As long as I can remember he had a model railroad in the basement. He always had this giant board, with all these holes in it, for the cables, leading to the transformer.
And I remember, how he kneeled there on the ground to make the train drive underground, how the train made noises and even had little lights in it! They were driving through tunnels and came out on the other side of a mountain, they went further through a city and came to a halt at a train station. I was so very fascinated by all the things my Dad could built and how many ideas he had! Then he turned out the lights and the train was a chain of lights. The little houses were illuminated and the parish fair was full of colourful lights, the carousels moving.

It all was so tiny, a whole world on its own and my Dad could decide how this world should look. He could built up his very own world.
Today, there’s not enough room and time to build a new world in the basement, but he still reads about it, goes to gatherings and we’re still make presents which are connected with trains, locomotives and modelbuilding.

I even found a few things from the parish fair!

Most important are of course his trains:

So what could be a better mobile phone bag, than one with a train on it?

I searched a while for the best pattern and I decided to use this one:
It’s for a scarf, but I like the kind of locomotive. It doesn’t look like a children’s toy and I began to knit a mobile phone bag. I decided to add the picture with kitchener stitch, because I really wanted it to be neat and as perfect as possible. 🙂
This is how it looks like now:

I think the idea of a train scarf is a really great one and as soon as I’ve the right amount and colours of yarn I need for it, I’ll make this scarf too. .

A very long entry about trains and a little bit about knitting. 🙂

I wish you a nice evening!

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